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OD RUSSIA Post-sovet world

Russia: scenarios opened up by today’s meagre choice

This new reign of two Tsars will be unstable. But whatever happens, a democratic future is inevitable.

14 May 2008

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We have no idea why Putin chose to step down from the presidency. Nor do we know why he nominated Medvedev as President and became Prime Minister and chair of the United Russia Party [7]. Indeed, a whole series of his actions before that are almost incomprehensible. They were like the moves of a conjurer or a con artist playing the ‘shell game.’ Why did he set up a contest between Medvedev and Ivanov? Why replace Fradkov with Zubkov?

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The Russian Quest for Peace and Democracy, Interview transcripts

Dmitry Furman (sociologist), 2008

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Dmitry Furman, Moscow, May 21, 2008
Interviewer — Metta Spencer, with Ignat Kalinin
This was my second conversation with Furman, a sociologist of religion and politics. This interview took place on a rainy spring day. Later, in 2010, I called him fromToronto. He is suffering from some sort of disease in which he is progressively losing control of his muscles. Still, he has been publishing articles and (I think he said) even a book.

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Собрание работ Д. Е. Фурмана в интернете

Самое крупное собрание работ Д. Е. Фурмана,сделанное Борисом Львиным.




Подборка работ Д. Е. Фурмана на сайте «Григорий Явлинский» в разделе «Умный разговор».



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